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Geothermal Services: What Geothermal Maintenance Consists Of

Geothermal heating and cooling systems have been around for a long time, but they have really gained traction in recent years as the technology has improved and more people understand the operation of these systems. Like any other heating and cooling system, they require routine maintenance to continue to operate efficiently. Contact Raleigh Heating & Air when you require any Apex, NC geothermal services. Here is some information to help you better understand your system’s maintenance needs.

While the initial investment in a geothermal heating and cooling installation is considerable, such systems are very highly regarded for the minimal amount of maintenance that they require. The geothermal loop system that is buried beneath the ground on your property or underwater will last for years, and the fan, condenser, compressor and other necessary components can be installed away from inclement weather conditions. The main concern regarding geothermal maintenance is actually to ensure that the installation is done properly the first time around.

If your geothermal installation is not completed properly, your system will not operate correctly. This will require frequent maintenance and service calls, or even a costly reinstallation. When all of the equipment is installed correctly, though, a geothermal system will not require any more maintenance than a traditional heating and cooling system. Any moving parts will need to be lubricated, and of course any electrical contacts and components will need to be inspected and maintained for proper maintenance. Ensuring that the system controls and your thermostat are well positioned and properly calibrated is also important to get the best performance possible from your geothermal heating and cooling system.

When all is said and done, geothermal heating and cooling systems actually have fewer components to experience problems with than many other systems. While this is no excuse for neglecting routine maintenance service, it is good news for those homeowners under the false impression that the design of such systems necessitates more maintenance. As long as your system is well thought out, planned and professionally installed, you should enjoy years of quality service from your geothermal system with minimal maintenance needs.

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