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Geothermal Question: How Deep Do the Underground Coils Need to Be?

Geothermal heating makes a viable alternative to more traditional forms of heating. It uses the ambient heat in the ground itself to facilitate an exchange: running tubes full of liquid through the ground which can both transfer heat into the earth and pull it from the earth, depending upon what you need.  Here in Raleigh, geothermal heating systems can be installed quite easily, provided your property can support the size of the coils needed. They can save a great deal of money over traditional forms of heating and may increase the resale value of your house to boot. Before you pull the trigger on installing a new system, however, you need to know what’s involved.

Here is a common geothermal question we get: how deep do the underground coils need to be?

Geothermal heating works because the temperature under the ground doesn’t change no matter how cold or warm it gets outside. You have to bury the lines deep enough so that they are completely unaffected by the frost. Usually, that means anywhere from four to six feet deep, though your technician may wish to go a little deeper based on existing trends.

In some cases, the loops need to be placed vertically instead of horizontally (usually as a means of saving space). In such cases, the coils can extend several hundred feet deep, which can be more effective and make it easier work with the size of the property. Similarly, you might place the system’s coils in a pond or similar body of water, though it usually needs to be a little deeper if you’re going to place it in a pond. (At least six feet and likely deeper.)

Regardless, you need an expert to help you answer questions like “how deep do the underground coils need to be?” In Raleigh, geothermal heating systems can be installed and repaired by the experts at Raleigh Heating & Air. Were trained in geothermal heating systems and can perform an expert installation after surveying your property. Give us a call today and let us show you what we can do!

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