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Geothermal Heat Pump Repairs

There are many different ways you can heat your Cary, NC home, and they all have one thing in common – they will need repairs at some point. Even geothermal systems, which run a series of tubes below the frost line of the ground, will occasionally need service. Geothermal systems are able to heat your home because the temperature down there stays constant no matter what the weather is like outside, and a heat pump can transfer that energy to warm your home. The tubes themselves rarely suffer from damage, since they feature no moving parts and are safely out of harm’s way inside the earth. The heat pump, however, can suffer problems from time to time, just as all mechanical systems do.

Here’s a list of some common geothermal heat pump repairs:

  • Leaks: Leaking refrigerant can appear anywhere there’s a breach in the line or an imperfect fitting. That can severely interfere with the system’s ability to generate heat, forcing it to work harder and raising your monthly bills accordingly. A trained technician can hunt down the source of the leak and seal it before restoring the refrigerant to its required levels.
  • Fan problems: The blower fan moves the heated air into your home from the heat pump. Problems with the fan will severely restrict its ability to move the air. That can include a faulty fan motor, a frayed or broken fan belt, electrical problems depriving the motor of power, or a bent or misaligned fan blade itself.
  • Thermostat controls: The thermostat regulates the functioning of your geothermal heat pump, telling it when to turn on and off to heat your home. If the thermostat is faulty of if it’s placed somewhere that can’t accurately reflect the temperature (such as near a draft), then it will cause problems with the pump itself.

Geothermal heat pump repairs of all varieties can be conducted by the experts at Raleigh Heating & Air. We offer excellent heating repair services in Cary, NC and we can correct any problems you may be experiencing with courtesy and care. Pick up the phone and call us today to make an appointment. You’ll be glad that you did!

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