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Geo Farm

In the midst of stifling triple digit temperatures, now seemed like a great time to reflect on a perfect 75 degree April day on a beautiful country farm in Virginia.


Climate Master and Virginia Air hosted the First Annual Mid-Atlantic Geo Farm.


Trey, the every-so-kind and super speedy chauffeur typed “the middle of nowhere” into his GPS and we were off.


Once we arrived they supplied us with an agenda and ample training materials.


We were escorted around the farm, (yes, it’s a hayride) to 5 informational tents set up around the various geothermal installations.



It was quite an experience to see all of the different geothermal applications installed and in use. We were even able to watch them drop a pond loop.



This farm is a mecca of energy efficient green technology. We want to thank Dennis Dzendzel and his family for opening up their home and beautiful farm land to allow us the opportunity to see some of the many different ways we can put this incredible technology to use.

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