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Everything You Need to Know About Dual Fuel Systems

happy Dual fuel systems are some of the most effective and energy-efficient systems in the world. They rely on the combination of a heat pump system as well as a gas furnace system, giving homeowners the option of switching between the two to combat all comfort needs, no matter the climate. While dual-fuel systems might not be for every homeowner, and they might run pricier than most single fuel systems, we’re sure we can provide a good case for why one might be a good fit for your home.

So, if you’re in the market for a cost-effective heating system installation in Raleigh, then hear us out for a second. Dual fuel systems have some pretty unique advantages that you might not get from any other system available. Check it out!

Combining Power and Efficiency

When it comes to a dual fuel heating system, we’re looking for power and efficiency. Basically, these units are the muscle cars of HVAC equipment, since they can provide year-round comfort while at the same time the capability to provide powerful gas-powered heating when temperatures dip to extremes. This is thanks to the dual-fuel system’s innate advantages:

  • A heat pump’s efficiency. When temperatures are mild, the heat pump portion of the dual-fuel system will keep your home warm at an incredibly low cost. It moves heat instead of creating heat, which means it operates at the fraction of the cost of a furnace. Even during the summer, your heat pump will function as an air conditioner!
  • And a furnace’s power. When temperatures drop to extremes during the winter, your heat pump won’t function efficiently since there’s less heat to draw inside. That’s why the furnace section of your dual fuel system will kick in, being able to provide powerful heating by burning natural gas—which is affordable and clean.

Clearly, with a dual fuel system, you’ll have all your bases covered and a heating system that keeps you comfortable through every season!

Increased Comfort

Nothing feels worse than having a heat pump that just can’t quite heat your home effectively because it’s just too cold outside. This is how the concept of the dual-fuel system came into existence since consumers still want a reason to own a heat pump for the rest of the year when temperatures are mild. This system will be able to keep you statistically more comfortable for the entirety of the year at an affordable cost.

Make Sure Your System is Professionally Installed

With such a powerful and efficient system, it’s imperative that you have the HVAC experts be the ones who set it up for you. This is essentially two systems in one, so you’re going to need a team that’s licensed, certified, well-reviewed, and up to all the standards you might have for an HVAC technician. Amateur set up for a dual fuel heating system just doesn’t cut it, you’ll end up hurting yourself financially more than you know!

Give our professional team a call at Raleigh Heating & Air if a dual fuel system sounds right for your home!

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