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Earth Day 2023

This past weekend was Earth Day and it has us considering our overall impact on the environment and our community. As heatwaves and cold fronts become more common due to climate change, having proper heating and air conditioning will become increasingly important. According to the Department of Energy, heating and cooling systems make up about half of an average home’s energy consumption. Here at Air Experts, we juggle a responsibility to provide products and services to keep our customers comfortable while being good stewards of both our industry and the environment. Limiting energy consumption through education and advance technology, reducing refrigerant pollution, and supporting our community.   

So, What Are We Doing?

Promoting Regular HVAC System Maintenance

One of the biggest environmental concerns in our industry is refrigerant pollution. We minimize refrigerant leakage through regular maintenance checks. During an AC maintenance check, our technicians measure refrigerant pressures in the system, use eco-friendly cleaning products, and perform an extensive lists of maintenance tasks designed to improve energy efficiency and extend equipment lifespan. Keeping up with regular maintenance helps to keep a system clean and running efficiently. Maintenance on the AC system will also allow for early detection of potential service issues like refrigerant leaks in the coil that will not only keep the system from cooling the home properly but can also permanently damage the compressor. 

When It’s Time To Replace the HVAC System

Our industry has come a long way in technical advances and energy efficiency. A new unit, properly installed by our team, will always save a homeowner money on monthly utility costs. It’s actually one of our Super 7 guarantees. By including a programmable thermostat on every installation, we’re helping customers use even less energy with smart automated heating and cooling cycles that work with the household schedule. If a system is older, out of warranty, needing frequent repairs, or using expensive R22 refrigerant, a new heating and cooling system will provide more comfort, lower utility bills, and be better overall for the environment.  

R22 Refrigerant Systems

In 2010 manufacturers stopped making systems with R22 in favor of the more environmentally friendly 410A. As supply of R22 runs out, it’s becoming harder to find and substantially more expensive. One of the reasons it is taking a long time to phase out R-22 is the expense for homeowners for installing new heating and cooling systems. At Air Experts we make it easier for our customers to afford a new HVAC system through Ease Comfort®. With a low monthly fee our customers get a new energy efficient heating and cooling system professionally installed that includes all maintenance, service, filters, and a lifetime warranty.

Supporting Our Community

We support the Triangle community through volunteering, community involvement and caring for our employees. You can’t spell sustainability without us. Every fall, we do a food drive for the food bank and last year we made Hope Kits for breast cancer awareness with National Breast Cancer Foundation. We work with nonprofits, such as the BBB, and are involved in local events and Wake Tech job fairs. We recognize our employees’ hard work and train new technicians to give them skills needed for a rewarding career in HVAC, Plumbing, or Customer Service.   

While we may do a lot, we are always searching for new ways to decrease our carbon footprint and to improve our community outreach. 

Check out our Instagram to learn about tips that will reduce emissions while decreasing your energy bill. 

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