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HVAC Replacement? Consider a Heat Pump!

We are still embroiled in the summer season at the moment, and the hot temperatures that we are experiencing are not going away anytime in the immediate future. How is your air conditioner holding up so far? Are you satisfied with its performance? Do you think it may be time for a new model once this season is passed? Looking ahead to winter, are you confident that you’ll enjoy a great performance from your home heating system? Interested in a more efficient model for more affordable comfort?

If you are not completely satisfied with your AC or confident in your heating system, or if you’re just interested in greater convenience and efficiency, then you should consider making the jump to a heat pump in Knightdale, NC. Heat pumps have much to offer, and the fact that so many homeowners are making the switch proves that this technology has really caught on. Read on to learn more, and contact us if you think that using a heat pump is the right move for your home.

2 Sytems in 1

In North Carolina, we put up with a whole lot of heat and humidity throughout our long cooling season. A dependable whole-house air conditioning system is an absolute must. No homeowner should settle for the inefficient, noisy, and inconvenient cooling performance that using multiple window units throughout a house allows for. With a heat pump, whole-house cooling works just the same as with a central air conditioner.

However, the heat pump differs from the central air conditioner in a very major way. Once the heat of summer has passed, you can reverse the operation of a heat pump in order to heat your home with the very same system that you used to keep it cool and comfortable all summer! How is this even possible, you may be wondering? Because heat pumps rely on the transfer of heat not just for cooling homes, but in heating them as well.

Heat Transfer and Its Benefits

A furnace or a boiler is going to consume fuel in order to generate heat with which to warm your house. A heat pump, on the other hand, more or less just serves as an AC in reverse during the heating season. In the summer, central ACs and heat pumps evaporate refrigerant in the evaporator coil. That allows the refrigerant to absorb heat from the air surrounding the coil, and that heat is released outdoors. Your home is cooled in the process.

A component called a reversing valve allows the heat pump to reverse its refrigerant cycle. When that happens, the function of the coils is reversed, as well. Refrigerant evaporates outdoors, with the outdoor coil now serving as the evaporator coil. Heat is drawn out of the air surrounding the unit, and the compressor further compresses the warm refrigerant. This boosts its thermal energy.

That refrigerant then goes into the indoor unit, and is condensed within it. The system uses the heat that is released to warm air which is then distributed throughout the house. This is a very efficient way in which to heat a home, as no fuel is consumed to generate heat and only a small amount of electricity is used to compress the refrigerant. Our relatively mild winters are ideal for this heating method, too.

Schedule your heat pump services with the professionals here at Raleigh Heating & Air.

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