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Can I Install Ductless Mini Splits Myself?

Well you can certainly try. But we strongly advise against attempting to install any complex home comfort equipment on your own. Despite numerous DIY guides you can hunt out online about installing a ductless heating and air conditioning system, the truth is that any type of central comfort system needs the help of professionals—and that includes ductless mini split systems. Any less than that is asking for a system that works poorly, if at all.

The Outdoor Unit

Although ductless mini splits have a reputation for being simpler install jobs than standard ducted HVAC systems, that means simpler for professionals. It’s a somewhat fast and easy task for people with training and the right equipment. The big part of the job is setting up the outdoor unit, which contains the compressor that’s vital for the system’s operation. This part of the installation is no different than installing a ducted heat pump or AC.

Mounting the Air Handlers

Ductless systems send heated and cooled air into a house through wall-mounted air handlers that blow the conditioned air directly into the space. But you can’t just hang the air handlers off nails in the wall! It requires using special wall mounts. The air handlers also must connect through the back of the wall to the outdoor unit with power and refrigerant lines, and this requires precision work. A poor job done here can mean an air handler that leaks or which sags and falls off the wall (taking part of the wall with it).

Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer

It really pays off to contact professionals who are licensed through Mitsubishi to install their high-quality ductless systems, which are among the finest available on the market. We are a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer. That means we’ve reached the highest level of accreditation from Mitsubishi, who only wants the best installers representing their products. When you arrange for your ductless mini split installation with our team, you’ll receive the best quality work and an exclusive warranty program.

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