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Can a Geothermal System Have Zone Controls?

Zone control systems allow a homeowner to manipulate the comfort in different rooms (or “zones”) so that the AC or heater doesn’t have to provide conditioned air for the whole house each time it comes on. The way that zone control works is through a series of dampers placed within the ductwork which can seal off air flow to a section of the ducts leading to a particular vent. Local thermostats control each of the dampers, and the thermostats all connect through a central control panel. The homeowner can manipulate all of the zones with the central controls, while other people can adjust the temperature in whatever room they’re in to suit them.

Yes, Zone Control Works for Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Because one of our specialties is complete services to install, repair, and maintain geothermal heating and cooling systems, we often field questions from customers about how they operate. A question that we occasional hear is whether a geothermal system can have zone controls installed along with it. The answer is “yes,” and the reason is that a geothermal system—at least the part inside a home—isn’t much different from a standard heat pumps or air conditioner. In fact, it is a type of heat pump, but instead of using the outdoor air as medium for heat exchange, it uses the stable temperature underground.

Once a geothermal heat pump has either drawn heat from the earth using the ground loops (heating mode) or deposited heat in the earth (cooling mode), the indoor unit then either releases or absorbs heat from the indoor air. A blower fan sends the air into a traditional network of air ducts. And if a comfort system uses air ducts, it can be outfitted for zone control.

Combining zone control with the already energy-saving power of a geothermal heat pump is a great way to get even more value from your annual heating and cooling.

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