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Can a Bad Condenser Lead to Serious Air Conditioning Repair?

An air conditioner that needs repair can cause a lot of unwanted stress. You want your system to be in top working order, but you may not want to call a technician if the problem is relatively minor. However, it’s better to address any problems as soon as possible to avoid major repairs in the future.

One issue you might run into with your air conditioner is a bad condenser. The condenser is housed in the outdoor unit of your system along with the compressor. This part condenses the refrigerant from a gas into a liquid as it moves to the indoor evaporator. As a major component of your AC system, condenser failure can substantially affect the performance, efficiency, and lifespan of your system.

One sign of a bad condenser is if your AC does not produce cool air or cools your home poorly. Because of this, you pay more on your energy bill for the lack of efficiency and sacrifice your comfort. While this could also be a sign of compressor issues or incorrect refrigerant levels, it may also mean the condenser unit is blocked or dirty. Short cycling is another sign of a blocked condenser. In either case, this blockage prevents airflow and affects the heat resistance of the outdoor unit. This could mean an eventual breakdown that will cost you more later on.

If your condenser won’t run at all, only a skilled technician can determine whether it is a compressor or motor issue and whether a part needs replacement or repair. For any issue involving the condenser, call a professional technician qualified in air conditioning repair.

Regular professional maintenance by an HVAC specialist is the best way to protect your system from potential issues like a bad condenser. During air conditioning maintenance, a technician will clean and inspect your system as thoroughly as possible. The fins on your condenser, which dissipate heat from the refrigerant, are often bent, and a technician can straighten these and clean the coils. Finally, the technician will let you know if there are any problems that require attention.

For air conditioning repair in Raleigh, NC, contact the expert technicians at Raleigh Heating & Air.

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