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Are There Furnace Problems I Can Fix Myself?

A question we often receive from customers—and one that every professional HVAC company encounters—is whether there are any “do-it-yourself” tactics for repairing a malfunctioning furnace. Although this is a well-intentioned question, and we fully understand that people are always looking for places where they can save money on home repairs, the answer to “Can I fix the furnace myself?” is a flat NO.

Why you should never attempt to repair the furnace yourself

  • It’s usually not legal – Let’s place this upfront: in most jurisdictions it is illegal for anyone except a licensed technician to work on any appliance that is connected to a gas main.
  • It’s hazardous – There is a very good reason that the law prohibits DIY work on gas furnaces. The chance of injury is high with amateur work. You do not want to risk a furnace that leaks carbon monoxide or creates fires hazards. Even electrical furnaces pose safety issues. Professionals place home safety as their #1 priority, which is why you should only trust them with your furnace repair needs.
  • You probably won’t fix the actual problem – One of the most difficult parts of any heating repair is locating the actual source of the problem. For any given malfunction in a furnace, there are multiple possible causes. Loss of heating power could be due to dirty burners, leaks in the ventilation system, a broken thermostat, etc. Only trained professionals can zero in on the real issue and get it fixed.
  • It takes too long – When a furnace stops working, it will usually happen during one of the coldest days because that’s when the system undergoes the most stress. You can’t afford to go without heating for long. Professionals can have the problem solved much faster than amateurs—and they’ll get the job done right the first time.

Make sure you put your furnace repairs in the right professional hands! Call Raleigh Heating & Air, Inc. We’ve served Wake Forest, NC and the surrounding areas with great heating for more than 20 year.

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