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4 Furnace Problems You Might Recognize

Sometimes furnace issues come up and homeowners will fiddle around with a system that they don’t know much about. Whether or not the heat comes back on doesn’t exactly mean that the issue is solved. For instance, you’d be surprised by how many homeowners realize that their heat isn’t working because the thermostat isn’t on, but after they turn it back on they don’t investigate the root of the problem—why was it off in the first place?

Today we’re going to talk about some furnace issues that might be easy to fix from a homeowner’s standpoint, but that doesn’t mean they’re over and done with. Many problems that might occur have reoccurring consequences that could haunt an underestimating victim. Raleigh, NC heating services require acute attention to detail, which can from a professional HVAC technician if you ever need it.

Don’t be afraid to call us if what you’re reading reminds you of a problem you’ve got to deal with!

Common Issues

While these issues might be recognizable, there’s always a reason to call a professional technician for service. There can sometimes be a nasty cause and effect theme that runs with furnace problems since one problem might exacerbate another. Only a trained HVAC technician can know precisely the condition your heater is in and how it will last in the coming season.

  • Thermostat problems. This is the first and most important point that we want to address when it comes to issues that might be affecting your heater. If you’re constantly turning on your thermostat after if turns off, there could be several things wrong. Firstly, check the battery and make sure that it’s got enough batteries to run. Secondly, if the problem is getting more frequent, there could be an electrical problem that requires professional help. Remember, your thermostat is part of your heating system too, so it’s a good idea not to neglect it.
  • No heat. If there have been times when your heater produced no heat and you turned the thermostat up to have the problem go away, you’re going to want to have a professional investigate that further. Your furnace should be able to provide heat at the temperatures you set for it, and having no heat is a huge red flag that a licensed professional needs to address.
  • Constantly dirty air filter. If you keep changing your furnace’s air filter and you’re noticing that it gets dirty much faster than every 1-3 months, then there could be a serious problem with your indoor air quality. This problem might be affecting your heating system negatively, so you’ll want a professional to find the root of the problem.
  • Flickering pilot light. Sometimes homeowners might notice their pilot light constantly flickering until they either forget about it or it stops. The problem with this, is that a flickering pilot light could be a dangerous problem that you can’t afford to ignore. It doesn’t matter if you think the flickering is done, call a professional to make sure your furnace is running safely.

Call a professional today if any of these sound familiar, the peace of mind you’ll feel is worth the time out of your day.

Speaking of professional, contact our team today of licensed HVAC specialists at Raleigh Heating & Air for your furnace woes!

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