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3 Things You Should Never Do to Your AC

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When it comes to temperatures and the elements, your air conditioner is more than capable of standing on its own—but when homeowners do something they shouldn’t, an AC could be in trouble. That’s why we always tell homeowners to contact the professional members of our team for anything related to AC repair in Raleigh, NC.

While we normally try to talk about things homeowners should do for their air conditioners, like changing air filters or clearing and cleaning air vents, today we’re going to try something different. We want to put a spotlight on things that homeowners should never do under any circumstance. This can help show you why professional AC care is so important.

There’s so much on the line, from system warranties to delicate components. Don’t jeopardize the health of your air conditioner by trying a DIY fix. Make sure you call the pros.

Defer to the Experts

Here’s a great rule of thumb to remember about an air conditioner. If you don’t think you should be opening it up to perform a task, then it’s always a good idea to avoid it. Anything aside from replacing an air filter is going to be an intrusion to an area that requires technical expertise. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Patching Refrigerant Leaks

Let’s say your air conditioner is making a hissing or bubbling noise. This usually denotes that there’s a refrigerant leak coming from somewhere in your AC. If you’re thinking to yourself that you can patch it up with the help of a few helpful DIY tutorials online, you’re poorly mistaken. Refrigerant can be harmful to breathe in, as well as harmful to your eyes, nose, mouth, and skin. It can only be treated by trained professionals with the right equipment.

Not only is refrigerant harmful for inexperienced (not to mention unlicensed) people to work with—but you’ll likely cause more harm than good. You can’t just put duct tape over your air conditioner’s refrigerant line and call it a day. These jobs require specialized material and a well-trained eye to make sure everything is done according to code. Don’t make things worse, call an expert.

Opening up Your Air Conditioner

Have you ever thought that you could open up your system to provide a targeted repair? “That squealing is just a ruptured belt,” you think, “it shouldn’t be too hard to get in there and repair it, right?” No way. The moment you put your hands inside your air conditioner, there are a million red flags that arise.

Firstly, you could be voiding your system’s warranty by opening it up and trying to repair it yourself. Secondly, the process of locating the problem and fixing it with the right tools is a very delicate procedure. If you touch anything or bump a component you’re not supposed to, you could cause expensive damage to the system, perhaps even breaking it. Don’t take this risk when there exist professionals who do this for a living.

Keep your air conditioner in good shape by calling the team at Raleigh Heating & Air. We’ve got you covered.

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