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3 Things You Didn’t Know about Geothermal

One of the services we offer at Raleigh Heating & Air, Inc. that we want more people to know about is installing and caring for geothermal heating and cooling systems. But we don’t just want homeowners in the area to know that we provide installation, repair, and maintenance for geothermal systems. We want them to know why geothermal is an excellent choice for them, and that it isn’t necessarily out of reach.

To give you a better sense about what geothermal heating and cooling can do for you, here are 3 facts about these systems that you probably didn’t know:

#1 – Geothermal systems operate with very little noise

Standard air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, and boilers all create a level of noise pollution in a home. When it comes to running quietly, a geothermal system beats all of them. It doesn’t run entirely silent, but much of the time you won’t even notice that it’s on (aside from the comfort it provides).

#2 – Geothermal systems are very safe

For heating a home, geothermal systems are among the safest options available on the market. They burn no natural gas or heating oil and their indoor components do not become hot while they operate.

#3 – Geothermal benefits the environment

The efficient operation of a geothermal system is certainly a significant benefit for your budget. But when you invest in geothermal heating and cooling, you’re also doing a favor for the environment as a whole. Geothermal uses a renewable energy source—the heat of the earth—and doesn’t consume fossil fuels or coal the way other systems do. They also produce fewer environmentally harmful emissions.

If you wish to know more about how geothermal heating and cooling can work for your home in Clayton, NC, call Raleigh Heating & Air, Inc. We have the best people in the industry and every co-worker is inspired to elevate your experience.

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