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Serving Wake County and the Surrounding Areas for Over 25 years

Searching for Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Apex, NC?

For heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality service in the Apex, NC area, call Raleigh Heating & Air. Our team of fully trained and certified technicians can make your home more comfortable with our extensive line of home comfort systems. From air purifiers and UV germicidal lights, to furnace installation and ductless split system maintenance, our team of highly trained technicians provides the services needed to keep your home comfortable year round.

Trust the Pros with Air Conditioning Problems in Apex, NC

A new air conditioner can solve a number of headaches for you, often working more efficiently than the old one and less prone to repairs to boot. That process starts with a quality installation from our AC experts. When the system is installed properly, it can function at maximum efficiency while running the minimum risk of a breakdown. You can call on us for repairs too, but with a good start to your air conditioner’s life, you may not even need to!

Air Conditioning Installation Starts with Good Planning

The most important work in air conditioning installation takes place before a single bolt is tightened. The technician will examine your home and determine how powerful a system is needed to keep it cool: factoring in square footage, insulation, sunlight exposure and other factors. He or she will then find a system with a high SEER rating, which ensures it makes the best use of the energy it consumes.

When Do You Need Air Conditioning Repair?

With air conditioning repair, the sooner you notice a problem, the better off you’ll be. Generally speaking, any signs of abnormality could mean trouble. That includes weird noises, short cycling (turning on and off rapidly), low air flow and a lack of cool air blowing. The minute you detect a problem turn off your air conditioner and summon a professional immediately.

We Offer Quality Heat Pump Services

If you want to reduce your environmental impact while saving yourself money on heating and cooling costs, ask our heat pump specialists about a heat pump installation in your home. We will ensure that your system is properly installed to for maximum efficiency and optimal performance levels, so make sure that your heat pump is installed by a trusted company. Give us a call today.

Are You Interested in a Ductless Split System?

If you do not have the room in your home for ductwork, or you want an alternative to central heating and air conditioning, give us a call. We will tell you all you need to know about ductless split systems, their operation, and their easy installation process. Unlike forced air system, ductless splits do not require bulky ductwork to disperse air. Wall mounted, indoor air handlers make it easy to create temperature zones in your home that can be individually controlled. Along with the use of multiple thermostats, ductless zone control can help you increase energy efficiency in your home.

Heating and Air Conditioning Experts in Apex, NC

There is a reason that we have developed such a strong reputation over the years. We hold our company and the services we provide to very high standards. Let us show you the difference we can make to your home comfort the next time you need quality heating, air conditioning, or indoor air quality service in the Apex, NC area. We are always happy to answer all of your questions. Call us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

Get Quality Heating Services in Apex, NC

Apex, NC doesn’t get as cold as it does further north, but we have our share of chilly days, and when they arrive, you want your system to respond like a pro. That’s why you should count on quality heating services that can not only install your heating system, but repair it quickly and keep it serviced so that you can prevent repairs before they start. That avoids a lot of hassle, as well as helping your heater work more efficiently and save you money!

Leave Heating Installation to Professionals

Quality heating starts with quality installation. A good service technician will select a heater that matches your home’s specific needs so that it neither wastes energy nor proves incapable of doing the job. He or she will then install it using care and consideration, as well as quality parts that ensure maximum efficiency. That helps the system last longer, as well as keeping your monthly bills low.

Heating Repair Should Be Fast and Efficient

Heater breakdowns never come at a convenient time, and often arrive just when you need the system the most. A heating repair service thus needs to be able to move quickly without resorting to short cuts of ineffective methods. Call our heatng experts when your heater runs into trouble, and make sure the problem gets solved the right way every time!

Indoor Air Quality Matters to Homeowners in Apex, NC

Indoor air quality refers to such factors as high humidity (or low humidity), dust in the air, bacteria and mold growth, or anything else that make your home feel stale or uncomfortable. We often focus on adjusting the temperature to keep us comfortable, but indoor air quality is just as important, and indeed a good air filtration system can help your heater and air conditioner do their jobs with less stress and strain. If your Apex, NC home could benefit from higher indoor air quality, call the pros at Raleigh Heating & Air today!