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Tankless Water Heater Installation & Replacement in Raleigh, NC

Tankless water heaters are a revolutionary technology that can provide homeowners with a hot, continuous flow of hot water resources without the need for storage tanks. Tankless models have been around since 1990 but reached their peak efficiency and design in 1998 when it became possible to make them feasible for home water heating needs. If you’re looking into buying one, we recommend our skilled plumbers for tankless water heater installation and replacement to ensure the best product and quality performance. Our team at Raleigh Heating & Air will advise you on the model you need for your home size and budget.

Raleigh Heating & Air has been delivering professional tankless water heater installations in Raleigh, NC, for more than two decades. Contact us to schedule an installation.

Tankless Water Heater Services

When it comes to your tankless water heater, you can trust the experts at Raleigh Heating & Air with water heater services that are second to none. Our technicians are trained for all makes and models of gas and electric tankless heaters so you can have what you need when you need it. All our tankless water heaters come equipped with a flexible maintenance package to lengthen the life span of your unit and improve its efficiency.

Contact us when you need service for:

If you have a failing water heater, don’t delay. Our efficient technicians can discuss your options for replacement and restore your home’s prior water function with little disruption to your home routine. Contact Raleigh Heating & Air today to schedule an appointment.

Tankless Water Heater Replacement

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to improve your water access and quality, then tankless replacement in Raleigh is exactly what you need. With energy savings that are unmatched by other types of water heaters on the market today, a tankless water heater is the smart choice. Look out for the following signs that your water heater needs replacement:

Signs That Your Water Heater Needs Replacement

  • Age (10 to 13 years is the average life span)
  • Inconsistent water temperatures (too hot or cold)
  • Water leaks
  • Shower, wall, or faucet buildups
  • Foul-smelling water

Experience energy savings, water on demand, limitless hot water, no warmup period, and a longer system life expectancy by scheduling a tankless water heater replacement. Contact Raleigh Heating & Air for a replacement appointment.

Schedule Your Tankless Water Heater Installation in Raleigh Today!

Raleigh Heating & Air has you covered for when you need quality water heater installation or replacement services. We only install top-of-the-line products from the best brands in the industry to ensure you get the best performance and life span possible for your appliance. Our team works with you to find a model that will accommodate the size of your home and budget.

Schedule your free service estimates today and start enjoying the benefits of on-demand hot water. Contact Raleigh Heating & Air to schedule a tankless water heater consultation.

Tankless Water Heater Installation Frequently Asked Questions

What size water heater will I need for my home?

During your tankless water heater installation visit, a skilled technician will help you choose a model that will fit your household’s needs based on the size of your home, the number in your household, and your water usage habits.

What kind of fuel source will my tankless water heater need?

Homeowners have the option of installing a gas tankless water heater or an electric tankless water heater. Deciding which fuel source works best for your budget will hinge on your geographic location and the economy of electricity versus natural gas in your area. (On average, a gas water heater costs more to power than an electric water heater.)

Do tankless water heaters save me money over traditional water heaters?

Homeowners who go through more than 41 gallons of hot water daily can expect energy savings between 24% to 34% over traditional water heaters.

Contact Raleigh Heating & Air to learn more about the benefits of tankless systems. You are one phone call away from the savings and convenience of on-demand water systems. Once you experience it, you’ll never go back!

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