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Why Is My Heater Making Strange Sounds?


We have an unfortunate truth that we need to share with you today. There is no such thing as a perfect heating system. Sure, there’s a heating system out there for everyone. If you keep looking, you’ll find yours eventually. However, there is no heater, regardless of make or model, that is going to operate 100% reliably at all times. It just doesn’t happen. The best thing that you can do, aside from scheduling the routine heating maintenance that will help to keep your heater as dependable as possible, is to report any signs of trouble immediately.

The longer you wait to have an ailing heating system repaired, the worse off that system is going to be. It really is just that simple. If you break a bone in your foot and continue to walk on it every day, you can expect further complications that will only snowball the longer that you push through the pain. Trouble with your heating system is no different. Keep your eyes out for any signs of trouble that could indicate the need for heating repair in Cary, NC—or, per today’s topic, keep your ears open!

Yes, Strange Sounds Are Reason Enough for a Service Call

As the homeowner, you have a better idea than anyone else as to what constitutes a normal level of noise coming from your home heating system. It is not just strange, unfamiliar sounds that you need to be aware of, but also those sounds that are normal except for being louder than usual. Depending upon the design of your system and the layout of your home, you may hear the outdoor unit cycle on, or the sound of the fan motor firing up. If you are hearing louder and louder operational sounds, though, something may be amiss.

Now, that is certainly alarming enough. What about, though, those sounds that you have literally never heard before. When those develop, you should seriously be sounding the alarm. Strange sounds may develop as a result of many different issues. These may include the following.

  • Screeching sounds. This could be the result of metal rubbing against metal. Maybe a moving part in the system lacks sufficient lubrication. Or maybe a belt is worn out. Whatever the case, you can avoid trouble by scheduling prompt repairs.
  • Banging sounds. Does your heater sound like a dryer with a brick in it? Then you could be dealing with a system housing a loose component. Your blower wheel may also be unbalanced. We’ll diagnose the problem and fix it properly ASAP.
  • Grinding sounds. Again, this could be a case of insufficient lubrication. However, you could also have something rattling around in the system that should not be there at all. If there is a foreign object in any moving components within your heater, then you can count on one thing: more damage being done!

We wish that you’d never need our heating repair services, but that is just not a promise that we can make. Want one that we can make? We’ll always provide you with top-notch heating repair services when you need them.

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