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What’s so great about being an HVAC Technician?

What’s so great about being an HVAC Technician?

Working as an HVAC technician or installer is not easy. You have to use complex problem-solving knowledge to diagnose issues. Typically, those issues are in crawl spaces and attics – and not always the sealed up, snake-free, stand-up variety. To make the workspace even more uncomfortable, the schedule is busiest during times of extreme heat or extreme cold.

You have to take care of yourself physically, drink plenty of water, get sufficient sleep and eat right, in order to stay safe and keep yourself healthy.

You will encounter all sorts of personalities. Most of whom have been hot or cold for longer than they would like and are now faced with an expense that they did not plan on. These conditions can make even the calmest and most pleasant person a little grumpy.

Empathy and excellent communication are necessary to keep your day moving along smoothly.

HVAC service or installation is not an occupation that allows you to learn a skill one time and expect that knowledge to carry you through the next 30 years. The technology in this industry is constantly evolving.

You must stay current or you will blink and find yourself completely lost standing in front of an open system with a homeowner standing right behind you waiting for your expert diagnosis.

HVAC work sounds difficult, why would anyone choose this as a career?

We asked our technicians and installers what they like most about the work that they do. Here are the 3 most common answers:

  • I’m outdoors for most of my workday.
  • I get to meet all kinds of new people.
  • I can help people every day.

We added a few other health benefits:

  • The day-to-day work will keep you physically fit.
  • Continually learning new technology and skills will keep your brain active.
  • Being someone’s hero every day does wonders for your self-esteem.

Qualities that define a good way to make a living are pay, stress, stability, benefits, and a work/life balance. An HVAC career will rank highly on every one of those qualities.

Ready to take the next step to becoming an HVAC professional? Check out your local community college for more information on their HVAC programs. Once you have the certification, check in with us here at Raleigh Heating & Air. Throughout the year, we will open positions that allow you to work part-time while pursuing your degree.

Already working in the industry and looking to start a rewarding new career with Raleigh Heating & Air? Check out our careers page:

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