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What Zone Control Can Do for You


Zone control is a term that we seldomly hear homeowners use, but is something that can be a huge benefit to them. People like to assume that if they feel cold spots during the winter or warm spots during the summer, that there’s just something wrong with their HVAC system and the story abruptly ends there. However, that’s rarely the case!

Sure, a powerful heating or air conditioning system should, in theory, be able to keep your home comfortable throughout the entire year, but we’d be joking if we didn’t also mention that they could use as much help as they can get. Any HVAC company in Holly Springs would tell you that zone control systems can and will help reduce your cold or hot spots as well as provide a measurable increase in comfort for the same price that you already pay in energy bills.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading!

How Does It Work?

If you’re asking yourself how zone control works, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s break it down so we can start to understand the advantages it provides. A zone control system utilizes a set of dampers in your air ducts to more evenly distribute air that’s in accordance with your thermostat. By siphoning air to where it needs to be, these dampers can control the different zones of your house and distribute treated air in a way that equalizes the temperatures.

Need an example? Let’s say your first floor is always cooler than your second floor, and on a particularly hot day—no matter what you do, your second floor just feels hotter, especially some specific rooms. Well, your air conditioner is working as it should, but it needs a little extra push! A zone control system would be able to siphon air by using dampers in the air ducts, pushing more cool air to the second floor where it’s needed. Eventually, your whole home should be the temperature set on your thermostat, or at least as close as possible!


While it’s a nifty system, it’s not just designed to eliminate cold or hot spots. It’s designed to help homeowners with the following specific advantages that could really change your life.

  • Increased efficiency. With a zone control system, your air conditioner doesn’t have to work nearly as hard to try and cool certain spots of your home, essentially allowing it to work with less stress. This lowers your bills and increases the general efficiency of the system.
  • Even temperatures throughout the day. As the sun rises and sets, temperatures can differ greatly just within the confines of a single day. By using a zone control system, you’re more likely to have even temperatures no matter the time of day.
  • Elimination of cold or hot spots. Do you have a room that just doesn’t get as much love from your comfort systems as it should? By using zone control technology, you can kiss those uncomfortable spots in your home goodbye.

Don’t fall into the trap of overworking your AC system or wondering what’s wrong with your heater. They could just need a little push with the help of a zone control system.

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