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What You Need to Know about Choosing a Furnace Replacement

Last week we looked into whether it was time to replace your aging residential furnace with a new unit in time for winter. This week we’re going to examine a few things that are important know about choosing that new furnace. This isn’t a job you can do by simply pointing to a furnace model and saying, “That one… let’s go with that one.” You must make sure that you choose the best furnace to meet your home’s needs.

Electrical or Natural Gas Power?

Furnaces can use a variety of energy sources, but the two most common are electricity and natural gas. One of the big choices you’ll have to make regarding a furnace replacement is whether you want electric or gas power. In some situations, there won’t be an option: if you don’t have a natural gas line to your home, you can’t have a gas-powered furnace. But in cases where you do have a choice, there are pros and cons of each type to weigh. Gas furnaces are more powerful, and they cost less to run in the long-term because gas is a less expensive energy source than electricity. On the other hand, electric furnaces cost less to install, they last longer, and don’t cause concerns because of toxic gas leaks.

What size of heater?

The answer is not “the biggest I can afford and which will fit in my home.” Furnaces need to be matched with the heating requirements of a house, and if a furnace is either too large or too small it will create issues. Call on HVAC professionals to perform a heat load calculation to determine how much heating power a furnace must supply to keep everyone in your home comfortable, and to keep the furnace from becoming wasteful of energy.

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