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Ways You Can Stay Cool While We Rush to Fix Your Air Conditioner

When an air conditioning system breaks down during a hot summer day, it’s a major comfort emergency. Our repair technicians are ready to race to your home as soon as we can to restore your AC to full working order. However, we can’t teleport instantly to your home (we’re working on it, but the science is a touch advanced), and that means you’ll have at least some time when you’ll be without the powerful cooling of an AC. How can you best keep cool until we arrive?

We have a few suggestions for beating the heat…

  • First, make sure that all blinds and shutters in the house are closed. This will prevent radiant heat from coming in the windows. Also turn off all the incandescent lights in the house. If you have CFL and LED lights, those can stay on since they give off almost no heat.
  • Take steps to cool your body rather than cooling the air. Applying cold, wet towels to your face, neck, and along your wrists is a good way to feel cooler. Also drink lots of cold liquids.
  • If you need to cook something, now is the time to rely on the microwave. Leave the oven and the stove off.
  • Run the fans in the bathroom and the fan in the kitchen. These fans are designed to draw hot, moist air from these rooms, and this will help cool them down.
  • Fill up a bowl with ice from the refrigerator, then place it in front of a fan. You will be surprised at how cool the air blowing off the ice is.
  • If you have the time, go to a movie! This was the standard way for people to cool down in the days before air conditioning became commonplace in homes. If at all possible, watch a movie set in a cold place—or in space.

You can count on Raleigh Heating & Air, Inc. in Clayton, NC for your air conditioning repairs.

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