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Tips for Improved HVAC Efficiency

furnace-filter Energy efficiency is not some unattainable goal. Well, easy for you to say, but I cannot afford to invest in a new HVAC system right now. That’s totally understandable, and many, many homeowners find themselves in that same boat even as they pine for better energy efficiency in Raleigh, NC. However, this also makes our point for us: you don’t have to! Investing in a brand new, high-efficiency HVAC system is a great idea, but it’s not the only way to scale back energy costs.

Now, the following tips are not going to result in the kind of efficiency increase that such a new system would. Just because you plan to replace your vehicle with one boasting a better gas mileage sometime in the future doesn’t mean that you just stop maintaining the one that you currently have, though, right? Of course not! So keep these tips in mind, and remember that we are here to handle any HVAC services that you may need.

Ceiling Fans: Use’em If You’ve Got’em

Those ceiling fans up there above the living space sure are nice to look at, aren’t they? Well, if you’re just keeping them around because they add a nice aesthetic touch to your home—what are you thinking? Those ceiling fans are actually a powerful ally in the fight for better energy efficiency.

During the summer, when your home is hot and the AC is running, that ceiling fan is going to help you to circulate cooled air throughout the house. It won’t actively cool the air the way an AC does, and that’s the point. It uses much less electricity, but can make your home feel more comfortable and allows you to take some strain off of the AC. In the winter, make sure that you reverse the direction of the fan in order to help heat trapped at the ceiling back down into your living space.

Use Those Shades (and Upgrade as Needed)

This one sounds very simple, mostly because it is. If you are not strategically using the shades/curtains/drapes in your home, and you’re not using the right kind, then you are not getting the most in terms of potential benefits. Controlling heat gain and loss is a great way in which to boost overall efficiency.

During the summer, use heavy shades to block out the sun during the hottest part of the day. At night, draw them back, open a window, and ventilate the air while you give your AC a break. Then trap that cooler air in before the sun really hits the next day, pull the blinds, and repeat the process. You can also invest in drapes specifically designed to help stop heat loss during the cold winter months.

You Guessed It…

…schedule maintenance. If you didn’t guess it, then you probably have not visited this blog before. This is, after all, one of the most common bits of advice that we give. Why? Because it truly is one of the most beneficial.

Routine maintenance saves you money in a few ways.  It can help to keep your HVAC system running efficiently for a longer lifespan. It can help to keep repair needs as infrequent as possible. And yes, it is going to help your system to work at peak efficiency levels. A poorly maintained system simply costs more to run than one that is tuned up on a regular, annual basis.

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