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The Service Call

You wake up after a good nights rest, rub your eyes, roll out from under those warm blankets and…. the blast of cold air hits you like a slap in the face! You check the thermostat and you have it set for 72 but its only 65!  Now what?! Well after you call Raleigh Heating and Air to set up an appointment, is there anything else? You can help our technicians by providing the most information you can.

Be prepared to tell the technician:

  • The brand and/or model number of your unit.
  • The age of your furnace or air conditioner.
  • When was it last serviced and who last serviced it.
  • When the filters were last changed.
  • Did you check your circuit breakers to make sure none were “tripped”?
  • When you first noticed that it seemed to not be working properly.
  • Was it making any unusual noises?
  • Are there any unusual odors?
  • Was there any unusual weather activity before the equipment acted up?
  • If you saw unusual fluids or leakage around the unit.

By providing this information you help us diagnose the problem faster resulting in getting your unit back up and running.

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