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The Importance of Your Heater’s Air Filter

furnace-filterHeaters aren’t magic. They don’t just turn on and wondrously turn cold air warm. Heaters like furnaces consume fuel, either gas to fuel burners, or electricity to heat coils, that eventually turn the air in your home warm enough to be comfortable. Homeowners often forget that heating systems have air filters at all, because without the knowledge of how these systems work—it makes sense to forget that there’s a filter as part of the process.

These filters exist to protect the interior of your HVAC system. When these filters get dirty, they inhibit the airflow that goes through your heater, eventually causing the system to overheat. The more dust or debris in a filter clogging the airflow, the more likely you are to need serious heating repair in Clayton, NC.

Keep reading and we’ll fill you in on just how important it is to replace your heater’s air filter this winter.

A DIY Solution

In this day and age, homeowners are looking for every “do it yourself” solution under the sun. We understand, the idea of saving money by doing some home repairs yourself is an enticing idea and can be empowering to average people. Well, you’re in luck! If you’re seeing minor problems with your HVAC system, changing or cleaning the air filter is a great DIY solution that can make a huge difference!

Extending the Lifespan of Your Heater

Heaters don’t last forever, but they generally last a pretty long time. For example, furnaces can easily last over 15 or 20 years with proper maintenance. Changing or cleaning the air filter every 1-3 months is a surefire way to extend that lifespan as long as possible. The harder your heater has to work, the more likely it is that you’ll experience a system breakdown in the coming years.

Increasing HVAC Efficiency

Without cleaning your air filter every couple of months, you’ll notice your heating bills begin to increase. A heater that’s working extra hard to produce warm air is going to cost more money to run and will run inefficiently. By changing your air filter, you’ll keep your heat costs as low as they can be, as long as no other issues arise.

Maintaining Indoor Air Quality

You’ll notice when you pull the air filter out, that it’s caked with dust and debris. Without cleaning or replacing these filters, your heater will eventually be spreading this dust and debris through your air vents and into your home. Keeping your air filter clean will keep your system, home, and vents clean as well.

From saving money, to extending the lifespan of your heater, to eventually increasing the quality of your indoor air, cleaning your air filters provides a huge benefit to your HVAC system. There really is no reason not to clean or replace the air filters in your heater, which is why it’s a good idea to do so when you start to notice any minor problems. If the problems continue after you replace the heater’s air filter, there could be something worse going on.

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