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How Efficient Is Your Heater?

Monday, November 18th, 2019

This isn’t the first time we’ve written a blog about heater efficiency. If you see us rattle on about efficiency every few posts, it means that this is an important topic we’d like you to know about! The truth is, we’re heavily concerned with homeowners in our area using their furnaces to the point where they’re wasting money every year on unnecessary fuel costs.

If you’re concerned that your furnace just isn’t doing its job, or if your heating bills are beginning to cause you stress, it isn’t your fault. There could be something seriously wrong with your heater, or the fact that it’s just not running as efficiently as it should be. That’s where we come in, your friendly neighborhood Wake Forest HVAC contractor!

So bear with us while we help you determine just how efficient your heater is.

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Prepare Your Heater for Winter Today!

Monday, October 7th, 2019

Get your mittens ready, some hot cocoa, and get ready to hear all the holiday tunes on the radio because winter is coming! Okay, so winter is still a little ways off, but it’s good to start thinking about it now. Why? Cocoa and mittens are a lot less fun when your home is struggling to stay above freezing due to a malfunctioning heater. Your property and your health can seriously suffer when your furnace is having problems. That’s why proper furnace maintenance is absolutely essential to keep your heater working effectively through the coming months.

While we’d like everyone to schedule furnace maintenance in Wake Forest, NC with a trained professional from our team (which is obviously the best course of action), we know it’s not a perfect world and homeowners are always looking for some tips to check on the health of their furnace by themselves. So, we’re not going to swim against the tide, we’ve got a checklist that you can use to help you examine whether or not you need professional heater maintenance. Take a look below.

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Do You Know When to Call for AC Repairs?

Monday, July 1st, 2019

AC-repairWell, yeah. I call to have my air conditioner repaired when it stops working. Not really a tough question, if you ask me? 

Well, not so fast there! Yes, you obviously need to call to have your air conditioner repaired when you discover that it’s no longer operational, either failing to cycle on at all or to blow cool air. Ideally, however, you’ll be calling for air conditioning repairs before your air conditioner ever has a chance to get to that point. As a general rule, remember that you want to schedule any HVAC services in Wake Forest the moment that you suspect there is a problem.

Remember that there are plenty of air conditioning issues that you may encounter which fall short of causing the AC system to break down entirely. Just because your system is up and running, however, does not mean that it is up and running properly. So reach out to us if you have any concerns about your system.

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Ice on Your Air Conditioner Is a Bad Sign

Monday, July 17th, 2017

AC-technician-workingWhat would you do if you were walking by your AC and noticed that it had ice on it? Give it a smiling nod of approval, and thank it for putting in some overtime when cooling your home? If so, you need to reevaluate the situation. Yes, your air conditioner is obviously there to keep your home cool. There is a world of difference between your air conditioning system and a freezer, though, and there should not be ice anywhere your AC in Wake Forest, NC.

But what could be causing this problem to begin with? It is not as though there is water coursing through the air conditioner that can freeze anyway, right? As is the case with most air conditioning problems that you may encounter, there are a few different issues that could be the root cause of the ice on your AC. They range in severity, and you may not need professional intervention. In any case, however, acting fast is paramount.

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Why Raising the Thermostat Settings in Summer Is a Smart Move

Monday, May 8th, 2017

temperature-gaugeOne of our goals at Raleigh Heating & Air, Inc. is to help our customers enjoy comfort without wasting energy. The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive! In fact, if you haven’t already arranged for your air conditioning maintenance in Wake Forest, NC to prepare for the hot weather, you already have an excellent way to start saving money as soon as the summer begins. A tuned-up air conditioning system won’t lose energy efficiency from wear and tear until extremely late in its service life.

There’s another way you can begin saving energy with your AC, and it doesn’t require much more than understanding the best way to set and program your cooling system using the thermostat. Unfortunately, many people misunderstand how the thermostat and AC operate, and this leads them to programming settings that waste energy without delivering ideal comfort levels.

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Furnace Installation Involves Furnace Sizing: Here’s What That Means

Monday, January 30th, 2017

gas-furnace-burnersFurnace installation is an important part of our job. We understand that households here in Wake County need heating systems that keep them warm without causing a large energy drain that creates really scary heating bills. (If you’re afraid to look at your heating bill each month, then you really need to talk to us!)

An essential part of making sure that any home has the right furnace for its needs is properly sizing it. This isn’t choosing a furnace that’s the correct size to fit in the available space—although obviously we won’t choose an overlarge furnace! What it really means is finding a furnace that puts out the right amount of heat to match a home’s comfort needs.

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Why We Recommend Zone Controls for HVAC Systems

Monday, December 19th, 2016

The winters in North Carolina aren’t as brutal as they are in many other parts of the country. This makes winter a good time of year to make major changes to your HVAC system that will upgrade and improve it. You’ll need to rely on your air conditioner and the ventilation system daily during the spring and summer, so it’s much easier now to have technicians handle any major changes, which can include putting in a whole new system or handling ductwork services like duct replacement. Today, however, we want to talk about an upgrade that we often recommend: adding zone controls to your HVAC system.

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Why Are Newer Furnaces So Much More Energy Efficient?

Monday, November 14th, 2016

The standards for the energy efficiency ratings of natural gas furnaces have increased. The U.S. Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR program now requires that new gas furnaces are manufactured to meet a rating of 90% AFUE or greater in the South and 95% AFUE or greater in the north in order to receive the ENERGY STAR certification. This isn’t a standard that’s difficult to meet for new furnaces. In fact, the reason that the requirements have gone up is because furnaces simply are more efficient now than they’ve ever been.

What accounts for this better energy performance from furnaces? A number of factors:

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Answering Some Common Questions about Ductless Mini Splits

Monday, September 26th, 2016

Last week, we encouraged you to look into the possibility of having a ductless mini split installed as your new fall heating/cooling option. This week, we’d like to address some of the questions that people often have about this technology, which is only now starting to become common in the U.S. (It’s the principle method of heating and cooling in Europe and Japan.)

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How We Can Fix Your Hard-Starting Compressor

Monday, August 8th, 2016

Last week we wrote a post about how air conditioning systems can start to trip circuit breakers regularly, and what our technicians can do about them. We’d like to focus on one of those situations in this post, because it’s one of the more common malfunctions that may occur as an air conditioner ages: the hard-starting compressor.

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