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How Efficient Is Your Heater?

Monday, November 18th, 2019

This isn’t the first time we’ve written a blog about heater efficiency. If you see us rattle on about efficiency every few posts, it means that this is an important topic we’d like you to know about! The truth is, we’re heavily concerned with homeowners in our area using their furnaces to the point where they’re wasting money every year on unnecessary fuel costs.

If you’re concerned that your furnace just isn’t doing its job, or if your heating bills are beginning to cause you stress, it isn’t your fault. There could be something seriously wrong with your heater, or the fact that it’s just not running as efficiently as it should be. That’s where we come in, your friendly neighborhood Wake Forest HVAC contractor!

So bear with us while we help you determine just how efficient your heater is.

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Problems to Look Out for in a Gas Furnace

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Furnaces are a popular and efficient means of heating your home, one which we see a lot of in Wake Forest. The furnace is a centralized system that usually burns a gas to create heat, then the heat exchanger then transfers that heat to the air, which is circulated through a series of ducts to heat up every corner of your home. Like all mechanical systems, gas furnaces run into problems every now and again, which you can correct with a well-timed call to your local Wake Forest heating repair technician. Here’s a few problems to look out for in a gas furnace.

  • Fan issues. Fans and blowers can develop problems through a number of ways. The fan itself can become bent or misaligned, the fan belt can fray, or the fan motor can overload. Regardless of the cause, it will result in reduced air flow and might even shut down you system entirely.
  • Faulty thermocouple. Speaking of which, the thermocouple is a device connected to your pilot light or ignition switch, designed to regulate the flow of gas into the furnace. When the thermocouple malfunctions, the furnace simply won’t turn on. This is an important safety consideration (it keeps gas from flooding your home), but if it’s broken, you need to get it fixed before your heater will run.
  • Dirt and dust. Sometimes, it’s the little things that cause the most damage. Dirt and dust can build up in your furnace, increasing friction on moving parts and clogging burners and other important components. A regular maintenance visit can clean up those problems before they cause permanent damage to your system’s components.

For advice on other problems to look out for in a gas furnace, or schedule repairs with a trained technician, call Raleigh Heating & Air. We handle furnace problems or all varieties and are also qualified to install a new furnace in your home should you with it. We pride ourselves on providing quality heating repair in Wake Forest and other nearby towns. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and make an appointment today!

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