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Air Ducts or Furnace: Which Is the Culprit?

Monday, January 13th, 2020

Often times when we encounter high heating bills or a problem with our winter comfort, we head straight to our heater to give it a piece of our mind. The problem with that, is oftentimes your heater isn’t the culprit when you’re losing precious heat. If you’ve got a home with extensive ductwork, there is a likely chance that you might be dealing with a leaky air duct system.

So, today we’d like to discuss how you can tell the difference between a faulty heater and a faulty air duct, since they both provide unique problems that require professional solutions. When it comes to heating service in Raleigh, you’re much better off not taking guesses as to what is wrong with your HVAC system. If none of the below points seem familiar, then you’re likely dealing with a failing furnace and you can always call our professional team to take care of the issue.

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HVAC Problems: Are Your Ducts to Blame?

Monday, December 4th, 2017

interior-of-corrugated-ductIt does not matter if you’re talking about one of the hottest days of summer or the chilliest night of our admittedly-mild winter season—you need to know that your HVAC systems are going to be there for you when you need them. Unfortunately, even a great installation and routine maintenance will not guarantee that your HVAC systems always function exactly as they ought to. There are a lot of different issues that could negatively affect the overall performance of your heating and air conditioning systems, after all.

In fact, some of these problems don’t even stem from the heating or AC units themselves. If you use a forced-air heating and/or cooling system, then the very ductwork that those systems use to distribute conditioned air throughout the house could be the source of the problem. If you are experiencing trouble with your home comfort systems, you need only dial our number to work with some of the finest Garner, NC HVAC professionals around.

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What’s the Point of Blower Door Testing?

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

Among the many home comfort and performance services that we offer is blower door testing. You may not realize the benefits of blower door testing and wonder if there’s any point in arranging it for your home. The truth is that almost any home can benefit from this service: it’s an excellent way to discover where you can improve your home to boost energy savings 12 months of the year.

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Do I Really Need Duct Sealing?

Monday, December 12th, 2016

There are a number of household services that we provide that may sound, well, obscure to some people. Possibly not that important. The type of thing that a homeowner hears about and immediately says, “Wait, do I really need that?”

One of these services is duct sealing. Do you really need it? Let’s take a look.

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Another Way to Help Your Heater Keep You Warm: Duct Sealing

Monday, December 7th, 2015

It’s already December, and the official start of winter is only a few weeks away. We hope that you’ve already taken steps to see that your home is properly winterized, and that you’ve also scheduled professional maintenance for your heating system. (This is especially important, since it will help prevent surprise heater breakdowns during the coldest days of the year.)

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How Professionals Perform Duct Sealing

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Leaks inside the ductwork of your ventilation system—no matter how “small” they may seem—are detrimental for your home. Air leaks will cut down on air flow from the vents, reducing your comfort and placing more stress on the HVAC system so that it ages faster, possibly leading to an early replacement. The air leaks will also permit dust, dirt, and other contamination to enter the ventilation system, which will lower your indoor air quality and possibly damage the interior of your heater and air conditioner.

The solution to these problems is to call professionals experienced with duct sealing. You will find some of the best in the business at Raleigh Heating & Air. Call today and speak to our indoor air quality specialists to arrange for professional duct sealing in Wake Forest, NC and throughout Wake County and the surrounding areas.

What Duct Sealing Professionals Will Do For Your Ducts

It’s unfortunate that when people think of “duct sealing” their thoughts immediately leap to duct tape…a tool that you will never see ductwork professionals use! Name to the contrary, duct tape is not designed for ducts at all. If used to seal breaks and leaks along ventilation systems, it will rapidly lose adhesion and fall apart.

Here is how professionals actually perform duct sealing:

First, they place the entire ventilation system under high pressure and locate the places where air is escaping; in this way they can locate all the spots along the ducts where there are leaks. They then use special sealant to close these holes. There are different methods they can use to handle this job. One of the most common is mastic sealant. Mastic is a resin-based adhesive that can stick to most surfaces and which dries smooth so that it offers little air resistance. Mastic is flexible, which helps with ductwork issues because the ducts expand and contract as the temperature inside them shifts. Mastic isn’t the ideal sealant in all situations, however, and some duct sealing professionals prefer using metallic tapes. These are the true “duct tapes,” and they form an actual mechanical seal across the duct that should last as long as the ductwork does. They work especially well for joints along the ducts.

Once the workers have applied the sealant to the air leaks, they will test the ventilation system to see how well it maintains air pressure. This will tell the professionals if the sealing job was effective.

If you suspect that you have leaking ductwork because of a loss of airflow, high AC and heating bills, or musty odors coming from the vents, don’t reach for a roll of duct tape. Reach for the phone instead and contact Raleigh Heating & Air for high-quality duct sealing in Wake Forest, NC.

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Do You Think You Need Duct Sealing? Watch for These Signs.

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

The ductwork inside the walls and ceilings of your home must stay in top condition, without any leaks or holes. If the ducts are not airtight along their length, it will result in a loss of air pressure, and it will allow heat to either escape or enter the ducts, causing a loss of energy. To restore the integrity of damaged and leaky ducts, you will need the services of a professional duct sealing expert.

If you suspect that your ducts have leaks, contact the indoor air quality experts at Raleigh Heating & Air as soon as possible. We offer multiple services to protect your home’s HVAC system and indoor air, including air duct cleaning, duct replacement, and duct sealing in Cary, NC and the surrounding areas.

However, this brings up a good question: How will you know that you need to have sealing for your ducts? Below are some warning signs for which to look.

A Drop in Airflow From the Ducts

Loss of air pressure because of leaking is one of the first troubles that damaged ductwork will cause. If you detect that the airflow coming from the vents is weak to almost non-existent, then you either have problems with the ducts or with the HVAC system—and you’ll need to call experts to find out which.

Odd Odors From the Vents

Because gaps in vents can open onto closed in areas of the house that contain dust and dirt (crawl spaces, gaps between walls), contamination can start to infiltrate into the ventilation system. This will result in unusual smells emanating from the vents, such as moldy and musty odors. You should have this investigated right away, since it often means that your air quality is suffering.

High Heating and Cooling Bills

Loss and gain of heat, as well as drops in air pressure, will place additional strain on the heater or air conditioner connected to the ductwork. Your utility bills will start to climb when this happens. There are a number of different causes for increases in your heating and cooling bills, but faulty ducts that need sealing are one of the most common.

The longer you wait to schedule duct sealing, the worse the problems will become. The eventual drop in air quality can lead to health issues, so make sure that you call Raleigh Heating & Air for the repairs you need as soon as you sense there are ventilation system problems in your home. Whether you need duct sealing in Cary, NC or another service to keep your HVAC system in prime shape, you can trust to our more than 20 years of experience serving Wake County and the surrounding areas.

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