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Can I Reduce HVAC Costs by Shutting Room Vents?

Monday, March 14th, 2016

We like to focus on helping customers save energy in their homes with their heating and cooling systems, not just during a single season but throughout the year. That’s why we offer services for energy-efficient geothermal heat pumps and ductless systems.

However, there are methods you can use with your current AC or heater (whichever one you’re using right now during the temperature swings of early spring) that can lower utility bills. But there’s one “trick” that actually doesn’t do what it’s supposed to, and that’s closing off the vents in rooms. People often think that shutting off parts of the house to the flow of heated and cooled air from the HVAC system means less energy will be used. Not only is this not true, but doing this can cause damage to your ducts as well as your heater and AC.

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Air Conditioning Tip: AC Repair and Energy Efficiency

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Is your AC making strange sounds and we haven’t even reached summer yet? Are you concerned about the amount of energy your home consumes during the cooling season? Your AC is a complex machine with numerous components and mechanisms. Considering all the use that it gets, it’s no wonder that it may need professional repair at some point. Fixing problems as they arise is not only critical to restoring cooling performance, it’s also necessary to keep your AC energy efficient. In today’s post, we’d like to review the relation between these two so that you can stay better informed.

If you’re in need of air conditioning repair in Apex, NC, call Raleigh Heating & Air today!

Here are some problems that may affect your energy efficiency:

  • Frozen indoor coil: Your indoor coil is known as the evaporator and it takes the cool liquid refrigerant from your outdoor unit and circulates it within the air handler as your warm indoor air is sent through the coils. The thermal exchange causes the refrigerant to evaporate, thus cooling the air that is then returned to your home. But if this cool air is blocked for some reason, perhaps due to a clogged air filter, then cool air can build up within the evaporator and this can cause it to freeze over.
  • Low refrigerant: The correct level of refrigerant you should have circulating through your system is known as its “charge.” It should remain at the same level during operation; it does not and should not expend refrigerant as part of its cooling process. The main reason for low refrigerant is that a leak has occurred somewhere within the system, often at a loose connection, or because of a puncture caused by physical damage.
  • Electrical fault: Problems with the electrical supply to your AC can result in short cycling, which describes the frequent turning on and off of your AC. Your AC will not operate efficiently if it is constantly short cycling.

Remember to get your AC repaired professionally well before the summer if it has any problems. Call Raleigh Heating & Air today for comprehensive Apex, NC air conditioning repair services.

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