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How the Size of Your Heater Informs Its Performance


You want to heat your home effectively, reliably, and efficiently throughout the winter season. That is not so much to ask, is it? Well, if you fail to invest in a heater of the right size for your home, it is. Even the best heaters on the market are going to come up short when they are not appropriately sized for the homes in which they are installed. That is why it is so important to work with a professional heating installation technician.

Choose us as your HVAC contractor in Cary, NC, and you’ll have nothing to worry about. Not only do we install systems from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry, but we also make sure that systems are of the right size for the properties in which they are installed. Contact a member of our team today if a heating installation or replacement is on your horizon. Get the heating performance that you deserve.

Well, It’s a Heater—Bigger Must Be Better

Not at all. We understand why you might think that. After all, an undersized heater is obviously going to give you some problems. It’s better to have more power than you need than less, right? Nope.

The fact is that the only right size of heater is, well, one that is the right size for your home! An oversized heater leaves you paying for more heating capacity than you’ll ever really need, costing you money as soon as you buy that system. The problems just begin there, however.

An oversized heater will also heat your home up too quickly. We know that this does not actually sound like much of a problem. Consider this, though. Your heater is supposed to run in full, even cycles. If it adjusts temperatures in your home too rapidly, it is going to wind up shutting down pretty quickly. Then it will have to start back up, then shut back down quickly again.

That is called short cycling. Because a heater uses more energy at startup than it does when running, short cycling drives up energy costs. It won’t heat your home as effectively, either, so you are paying more for less in terms of comfort. Plus, all of the wear and tear that comes from starting and stopping increases the risk of operational problems. So, a bigger heater doesn’t sound better now, does it?

Undersized? Underperforms!

The problems related to an undersized heater are a bit easier to anticipate. It just won’t heat your home that well! Not only that, but it will run, and run, and run as it attempts to meet a heating demand that is simply beyond its capability. That can really drive up heating costs, leaving you with a drained budget.

That amount of running will also accelerate wear and tear, resulting in an increased risk of damage as well. No heater is 100%  reliable, and no heater is totally free of problems. That being said, an appropriately sized heater is always your best bet.

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