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Lingering Heating Repairs from Last Winter? Get Them Fixed Now!

It’s a good rule to follow that the moment you notice anything wrong with an important appliance, you arrange to have it repaired. This is true for cars, vacuum cleaners, computers, lawnmowers, etc. And it applies to a home heating system as well, although many people often forget that and let their heating system close out the winter with one or more signs that it’s suffering from a malfunction.

Does Your Heater Have Any Repair Hang-Overs?

Be honest with yourself about how your furnace (or heat pump, or other heating system) was doing when you shut it off for the last time in spring. Had its heating output started to drop? Was it making odd noises, such as rattling and clicking? Was the distribution of heat through the house uneven? Did the heater start and stop rapidly? All of these are warnings that a heating system needs repairs.

We understand that it’s easy to shrug off problems like this when a heater is about to go into its summer hibernation period. But allowing any of those issues to linger means that your heater will start up in the late fall with problems that will rapidly get worse. If you think your heater was in need of repairs in spring, schedule the heating repair now, before you actually need the heater during a cold day.

Maintenance Is Your Friend

This is one of the reasons that scheduling heating maintenance is crucial. Even if you didn’t notice trouble with your heater at the end of the previous winter, maintenance from an HVAC technician will catch it in fall. You’ll have enough time to arrange for the proper repairs so that your heater has the best start for the coming winter.

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