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Late Season Repairs Your Air Conditioner May Need

The end of the summer is the hardest period for an air conditioner. The temperatures are still high (often hotter than they were during July) and the AC has undergone a great deal of work stress already. If an air conditioning system is going to suffer from a major repair need or a breakdown, then it will likely happen during the closing off the season.

To help you help your air conditioner make to the fall, we’ve put together a list of some common repairs that ACs often need at this time of year. Keep a watch for these, and call our professionals air conditioning repair technicians as soon as you notice anything wrong.

  • Cleaning the condenser coil: The outdoor coil of an air conditioner is the condenser coil, since it’s where the refrigerant condenses and releases heat to the outdoors. If the coil has collected grime over the summer, the system will struggle to release sufficient heat, and the overheated system will start to lose its cooling ability and may trip the circuit breaker. Only professionals can effectively clean the coil without damaging it.
  • Attaching a hard start kit: The strain on the compressor can cause the system to begin to “hard-start,” which means the compressor will draw too much power in order to begin the cooling cycle. If you hear your compressor making strange noises as it starts, or it takes longer to cool down your house, call technicians to attach a hard-start kit to the compressor to help it overcome this problem.
  • Recharging refrigerant: Over the long summer season, an AC may begin losing refrigerant through small leaks. This will put the whole system in jeopardy. Should you see ice on the indoor evaporator coil, hear hissing sounds from the cabinets, or notice a drop in cooling ability, call for repairs to seal the leaks and then recharge the lost refrigerant.

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