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Late Season Advisory: Still Time for Heating Maintenance!

The cool of the late fall is in the air, and there are probably already plenty of winter holiday decorations up at shops and public areas all around you. Winter is almost here… so it’s time to ask that perennial holiday question: “Have you had your heating maintenance yet?”

It’s a serious question, because a busted furnace or other type of heater during the deep cold of January is a serious situation. It isn’t too late to arrange for maintenance for your residential heater. You can trust this service to our technicians, no matter your heating system type:

  • Electric furnace: An electric furnace can last longer than a gas-powered one, but it still needs regular inspections to check on electrical connections, the air handler, and the array of heating elements. An electric furnace has a small chance of starting fires if not cared for properly.
  • Gas furnace: This is the most common type of heater; if we had to make a guess what kind of heating system your home has, we’d pick this one every time. Annual maintenance is essential to see that a gas furnace runs safely, its burners are clean, and the blower motor in good shape.
  • Heat pumps: A heat pump is in danger of becoming inefficient during the winter if it doesn’t receive services to see that it works its best. Maintenance cleans the coils, checks the reversing valve, cleans the condensate drain, recharges any lost refrigerant, and lubricates the motors.
  • Ductless mini splits: A ductless mini split system must have similar checks as a heat pump (it’s a type of heat pump, after all), but done for each of the air handlers throughout the house. Technicians also make sure the air handlers are still securely mounted and there are no refrigerant or condensate leaks behind them.

Call Raleigh Heating & Air, Inc. to sign up for our maintenance program today. We serve Knightdale, NC and throughout Wake County and the surrounding areas.

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