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Improving Home Humidity


I’m sure we have all experienced waking up in the morning, walking across the room and getting shocked awake by the first thing that you touch.  This time of year our air is dry and prone to static electricity (oh, yes, finding that random sock stuck to the back of your pants half way through your day…we know, it’s happened to us too).

Colder air simply will not hold water vapor and the colder the air becomes the drier it is. Heating that cold air will only make it drier.

In addition to the mildly irritating effects, dry air can also have a more serious impact on our health and could potentially compromise the structure of your home.

Dry nose, sinus discomfort, scratchy throat and dry skin or eyes are all effects of low moisture in the air. Lower humidity can also increase our chances of catching a virus and can be detrimental to anyone already suffering from any respiratory ailment, bronchitis, sinusitis, nosebleeds or asthma.

Around your home you may notice the hardwood floors and the wood surrounding the doors and windows shrinking or cracking.

Here in the south, maintaining optimum humidity levels is a delicate balancing act throughout the year. We have too much moisture in the air during the hot muggy summer months and too little in the chilly dry winter.

During the summer months, fans and air conditioners battle most of the moisture indoors. The most effective tool used for adding moisture into the air inside during the winter months is with a humidifier. There are several whole house humidifier options available including steam humidifiers, fan-powered humidifiers and bypass humidifiers.

We spend about 90% of our time indoors, let’s make that time comfortable. If you are in the Triangle area contact Raleigh Heating & Air and we will help you find the solution that is right for your home and the health and comfort of your family.

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