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How UV Germicidal Lights Can Help Your Air Conditioner

There are many types of air filters and air purifiers that can improve air quality in a home. When a household is dealing with issues because of bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and other microbes, one of the best solutions is to use UV germicidal lights (a.k.a. UV air purifiers). The ultraviolet radiation from these lights is harmless to people and pets in a house, but it disrupts the cellular functions of harmful microorganisms, either killing them or rendering them inert. And the lights do this without placing any chemicals into the air or restricting airflow.

There’s another reason to have UV lights: a better AC!

Even if your home isn’t currently dealing with health issues because of organic pollutants, UV germicidal lights are a smart installation for an HVAC system—especially when humidity starts to rise. The reason is that UV germicidal lights benefit the air conditioning system.

When professionals install a UV air purifier into the HVAC system, they position the lights so they shine their ultraviolet radiation directly onto the evaporator coil of the air conditioner. The evaporator coil draws both heat and moisture from the air; as water collects along the coil, it creates damp conditions that are ideal for the development of mold. You don’t want mold along the coil: it creates an unpleasant smell (“dirty sock syndrome”), sends harmful spores into the air, and it also restricts how well the coil can absorb heat. A layer of mold will make an air conditioner much less effective at its job. Even worse, the mold can damage the coil and shorten the lifespan of the AC.

We recommend talking to our indoor air quality experts before the summer really gets underway. They’ll help arrange for the UV germicidal light installation that will help your air conditioner enjoy a healthy and productive summer along with you.

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