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How Does Furnace Sizing Work?


Furnaces need to be appropriately sized for your home, regardless of what type they are. Any forced-air heater for that matter must be accurately measured by a team of professionals with calculating equipment in order to not develop a problem later on. Furnace sizing is just one aspect out of many that are meant to be done by professionals, and a great reason why you should skip calling an amateur technician when you need help.

Have you ever heard of a short-cycling furnace? How about a furnace that just can’t cool a home easily? No, it’s not like some furnaces just magically don’t work and require more heating system repair in Raleigh than others. In order to have a system that is ready for the task of heating your entire home for the duration of its lifespan, it’s got to be installed correctly.

How It Works

Furnace sizing is all about measuring how much volume of air needs to be heated in your home. Sure, you could make some guesses as a homeowner with a little bit of calculator work—but professional technicians need more than that before they set up a heater.

It involves not only measuring the volume of your home and how much air should be heated, but also the material and thickness of your insulation, the sealing status of your windows, the status of your ductwork, and the size of crawlspace or basement area in your home. Once this is all factored in, only a professional, certified technician with the right equipment can perform an accurate load calculation and determine what sized heater you need.

What Could Go Wrong?

Well, for starters, a heater that’s improperly sized can just simply not work. A heater that’s too small could just not have the power to heat your whole home, leaving you cold and upset. A heater that’s too big could end up short-cycling and causing a breakdown sooner than you’d like. With a gas heater, you’ll especially want to be concerned about breakdowns and short-cycling because any issue caused by this can potentially cause the heat exchanger to crack and your system could start leaking gas or carbon monoxide. Protect your home and your family by doing the right thing and contacting a team of professionals for heater installation.

Call Us

Heater sizing is not just about some simple calculations and calling it a day. It requires precise equipment, tools for measuring both volume and pressure, as well as the licenses and certifications that signify you’ve been through training. The members of our team have been rigorously trained in the art of HVAC installation, with both heater and cooling systems, so there’s really no reason not to call us.

Having an amateur or a family member perform a service like this is not only dangerous, but it can lead to some seriously expensive work down the line that you’d be better off avoiding with sensible, professional heater installation. So, give our team a call today!

The team at Raleigh Heating & Air has the qualifications and expertise to handle sizing the right heater for your home. Give us a call.

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