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AC Repair FAQ: How Do I Know I Have a Condenser Problem?

The condenser in your air conditioning works to cool the refrigerant turn it from a gas to a liquid state: a vital step in your air conditioning cycle. When it malfunctions, it usually requires the services of a professional to resolve the problem. That can spell trouble in Raleigh, NC, where air conditioning repair services need to be completed quickly in those hot summer months. But how do you know if you have a condenser problem? What signs can you look for that signal a problem there instead of somewhere else in the air conditioning system? There are numerous possible symptoms, but some of the most common are listed below.

  • The condenser fan won’t start: If the fan on the AC isn’t moving, that means it’s not blowing the heat out of your air conditioning system. That could mean that electricity isn’t getting to the condenser, or that some kind of obstruction is preventing the fan from blowing.
  • The AC is making an unusual noise: A condenser fan that has come loose from its bearings or which is grinding against some other piece of equipment might make a buzzing or rattling noise. If you hear such a noise, shut off your air conditioning immediately
  •  The AC is blowing air, but it isn’t cool: If the condenser coil gets too dirty, the refrigerant won’t cool down the way it should. That means the air in your home won’t be sufficiently cool and the air conditioning system isn’t doing its job.

Regardless of the cause, shutting off the AC is paramount when you realize that you have a condenser problem. Without the condenser, heat may not be dissipating from your unit, which might cause other components to malfunction. Turn off your system and call a service professional in order to prevent further damage to the AC. In Raleigh, NC, the air conditioning repair experts at Raleigh Heating & Air can help. We pride ourselves on doing the job right and can come to your home to deduce the cause of the condenser problem. Call us today to schedule an appointment and get your AC running the way it should.

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