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Get the Best in Ductless Mini Split Technology

mitsubishi2 Is it time? Are you ready to replace your old air conditioning system? Do you have a bonus room in your home that is always too warm or too cold? If so, then we encourage you to take the time necessary for exploring your options thoroughly. Yes, old standbys like central air conditioners and furnaces are great systems.

However, you’d be remiss to overlook all that a ductless mini split has to offer you. You’d be even more remiss to overlook the cream of the crop in ductless technology: Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Splits! It is our honor to be a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor, having earned the highest accreditation level that Mitsubishi Electric has to offer. Trust us, if they offered one higher, that would always be our goal! Read on to learn more about ductless mini split technology in a general sense, and remember to keep Mitsubishi models in mind.

Why Go Ductless?

A number of benefits await those homeowners that are ready to forgo the use of air ducts in maintaining comfortable temperatures throughout the home. Ductless mini splits, for instance, are heat pumps. There are cooling-only models available, but most homeowners jump at the opportunity to use a ductless mini split to both heat and cool their homes. Because no new heat is generated in the heat pump’s heat transfer process, it is a very efficient way in which to heat one’s home.

There is also the added benefit of, well, skipping the ductwork! Air ducts are not a bad way in which to distribute heated and cooled air throughout one’s home. For installation in existing properties without ductwork, however, a ductless mini split system is simply the more convenient option. Plus, you will never have to worry about air ducts leaking, which can negatively affect both energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

Not only can you heat and cool your home with just one system in an efficient manner, but you are also allowed greater control over the way in which you do so. Because each blower unit in the system is independently controlled, you can adjust temperatures in one area of your home without needing to make that adjustment throughout the entire house. How much would you love to cut back on squabbles over the temperature set at a single thermostat? It’s not a problem when you go ductless.

Mitsubishi Goes Above and Beyond

Just as there are certain car or appliance manufacturers that have their own areas of expertise, Mitsubishi has really honed its technology in the ductless HVAC sector. Inverter technology allows their ductless mini splits to function effectively and efficiently at much colder temperatures than previously possible. Air filtration has been improved and fine-tuned to ensure that you are breathing clean air throughout your home when running your system.

The ductless mini splits won’t start blowing until the coils are sufficiently warmed up in the winter, allowing for a hot start. Their systems are also among the very quietest on the market. Read more about Mitsubishi ductless system technology here.

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