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Why Choose Ductless Air Conditioning?


When you hear the term “ductless air conditioning,” what do you think of? If your answer has anything to do with those inefficient, inconvenient window units that leave homes unsecured, then you’re way off the mark. Ductless air conditioning systems, or ductless mini splits, offer whole-house cooling in the vein of traditional central air conditioners — but with some very unique benefits, as well.

While these benefits, which we’ll detail further below, are definitely enticing in nature, it is important to remember that no air conditioner, including ductless mini splits, will function as effectively, reliably, and efficiently as possible if not expertly installed and serviced. That is why we strongly recommend that you remember to schedule service with us when the time comes to have your ductless mini split system in Cary, NC installed. 

First of All — How Does It Work?

Much like a traditional central AC, really. With a ductless mini split air conditioning system, you still have a central condenser unit outside that sheds heat removed from the air in your home in order to facilitate the cooling process. The major difference is the fact that  there is no central air handler/evaporator coil/ductwork used to do the work inside the house. Instead, multiple wall-mounted blowers are installed throughout the house.

These individual blowers are controlled independently of one another with their own thermostats. They connect to the outdoor unit via simple conduits containing power and refrigerant lines. Each blower acts as its own little air handler, and produces big results when cooling your home. So what are the other benefits of using a ductless air conditioner?

  • Energy efficiency is a big one. When you use a ducted forced-air system, there is always the risk that your air ducts will develop leaks. When that happens, the system wastes a lot of the energy that you have paid for in order to keep your home comfortable.
  • Comfort is another major factor to consider. Zone control is inherent with this type of system, as you control the blowers independently of one another. That means that you can maintain different temperatures in different areas of the house easily, which also helps you to save energy without sacrificing comfort.
  • Versatility may be the greatest single benefit of using such a system. You see, ductless air conditioners are actually ductless heat pumps. That means that you can use this system to heat your home during our fairly mild winter season. Not only can you heat your home effectively, but with incredible efficiency as well. This is thanks to the fact that heat pumps do not generate new heat, but instead transfer heat from outside into the house.

It may sound too good to be true — and it is, if you fail to schedule your ductless mini split installation and services with trained professionals that you can trust to do the job right. You won’t have to worry about that when you work with us, though. Give a member of our team a call today, and we’ll make sure that you get the most that your ductless mini split has to offer.

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