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Benefits of Packaged Units

The most common type of air conditioning system that comes to mind when people think of home comfort is what is known in the heating and cooling business as a “split” system. They consist of two separate cabinets, one outside and one inside, hooked to each other through power and refrigerant lines. The outdoor cabinet houses the compressor, condenser coil, and exhaust fan, and the indoor cabinet houses the air handler and the evaporator coil.

In the world of commercial HVAC, however, the more common kind of air conditioning (as well as heating) system is a “packaged” unit, in which all the components are contained inside a single cabinet, which is frequently installed on the roof. These systems are durable and effective and have maintained their popularity in the commercial sphere for a number of good reasons. We’ll look at some of those reasons, and why you should consider installing a packaged unit in Wake Forest, NC for your company.

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Packaged Unit Advantages

  • Option for air conditioning and heating: Packaged units can be installed as either air conditioners or heat pumps. If you opt for a heat pump, you will have both cooling and heating taken care of in one convenient unit.
  • Space saving: When you eliminate the need for an indoor unit with its own coil and air handler, you save a large amount of indoor space. (Not to mention significantly reduce the noise level in the work space.) The standard rooftop location for packaged units also means you won’t have to take up space outside the building and create visual clutter.
  • Easy to service and repair: Technicians have a simpler time applying repairs and making regular maintenance checks on an HVAC unit that is housed inside a single cabinet. The rooftop location also means that the necessary repairs and tune-ups will cause little interruption to regular workflow.
  • Modular: Packaged units have the immense advantage of coming in modules that allow for the easy expansion of heating and cooling capacity without needing to replace an entire system. As your business expands within the space, you can add on more packaged units to enlarge the cooling load.

Look to Professional Installation

Don’t attempt to select a commercial HVAC system on your own: packaged units need to be properly sized for the space they are supposed to condition, just like any other heater or air conditioner. You are putting the comfort of your staff and customers/clients at risk if you make an incorrect choice, so turn to people who can make the correct choice based on years of experience: Raleigh Heating & Air. When you require assistance with packaged units in Wake Forest, NC, give our technicians a call.

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