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Dealing with Air Quality Troubles in Spring

DandelionInField Spring is the season when indoor air quality often becomes a major issue for homes. This is “allergy season,” a time when increasing warmth causes plant blooms to raise the pollen count. Mold is also common during the season, and mold spores are a major source of asthma and allergy attacks.

You don’t have to simply accept allergy problems, or even rely only on medicine to deal with it. We all know how awful allergy medicines can make you feel! You can make your home healthier for everyone during the spring thanks to professional assistance. What kind? Well, we have some excellent suggestions for indoor air quality installations in Apex, NC and the surrounding areas that can make spring much more sniffle-free. Speak to one of our team members today to learn more.

Lennox PureAir(™)

This is one of our favorite air purifiers available, because it truly covers the spectrum of airborne contaminants. The Lennox PureAir system is an effective way to zap everything from dust to bacteria and viruses—those pesky particles that can make spring miserable. The Lennox PureAir is effective at eliminating odors and chemical vapors. The Lennox PureAir uses a powerful MERV 16 media filter that will stop 95% of particles down to .3 microns in size. It also targets ozone, which a serious lung irritant. Lennox provides a 5-year limited warranty on all covered components.

GPS-2400 Ionization Generator

The Lennox PureAir is a media filter, which most people are used to as a way to clean the air. But the GPS-2400 (which sounds a bit like it should be an aggressive robot from the future) takes an active approach to air purification: it sends out natural oxidizers that target contaminants and odors. What’s great about this type of system is that it doesn’t require replacement parts and there’s almost no maintenance required. A GPS-2400 Ionization Generator will eliminate bacteria and viruses as well as odors and allergens.

UV germicidal lights

Here’s a method that’s effective when it comes to microbes and mold spores. The ultraviolet light emitted from these UV lamps is in the “germicidal spectrum” that disrupts the DNA of microorganisms so they cannot reproduce, thus preventing them from causing harm. This spectrum isn’t harmful to humans or pets, so UV germicidal lights are a safe option for any household. They use no chemicals to remove biological pollutants. They do need occasional maintenance to replace the lights, but for the most part require little in the way of upkeep.

HEPA filters

This actually isn’t something we recommend, but we want to bring it up because our customers often hear about these marvels of allergy-stopping filters. Yes, it’s true that the power of a HEPA filter can block most allergens from moving through an HVAC system — but they are too powerful for most homes. The thick filters place strain on airflow from the air handler, and this can cause damage to the AC and heater and result in a drop in comfort. Make sure you work with our IAQ professionals so you end up with a type of allergy-season air quality solution that works for your whole house!

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