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Air Conditioning Repair Guide: Evaporator Coils

Your air conditioning system is complex. It incorporates a variety of different components, mechanisms, and systems into a single process. One of the most critical to your cool air comfort is the evaporator coil. This resides in the indoor unit above the air handler. In short, it is responsible for the cool air that you have come to enjoy during the cooling season in North Carolina, and without it, your AC simply could not function. It’s therefore an essential piece of machinery, and subject to wear and tear. Like any part of your home, it may eventually need professional repair. Let’s take a look at some problems related to the evaporator coils in today’s post.

  • Frost: If you see frost building up on the coils of your evaporator, then it often means that there is a problem with airflow in the system. This can related to a few different issues, but one of the most common is a clogged or excessively dirty air filter. The purpose of the air filter is to prevent dust and other debris from negatively impacting your air conditioner’s internal components. But when it gets fills up with debris, it can actually begin to work against the cool air. This obstruction leads to a buildup of cold air inside the evaporator and the risk of frost.
  • Dirt and other debris: Although the air filter catches a lot of debris before it can reach your coils, there is the risk of dust and other debris building up. This may occur as a result of an air leak somewhere in the air handler itself or from just general wear and tear. If the coils themselves have even a thin layer of dust on them, this may reduce the effectiveness of the cooling process.
  • Leak: When the warm indoor air goes through the evaporator, it condenses some of the water vapor in the air. And this condensation has to move somewhere so that it doesn’t affect the other parts of the system. The condensate drain pan collects the condensation and moves it away by means of a drainpipe.

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