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Air Conditioning Problems Regular Maintenance Helps Avoid

Now that it’s April, you can expect to start running your home’s air conditioner on a more and more regular basis as the weather begins that climb toward the peak summer heat. If you haven’t done so already, call us to arrange for that all-important routine maintenance inspection and check-up for your AC. Heading into hot weather with an air conditioner at your side that’s simply not “armed” for the heat is not a good idea! For example, we’ve listed some of the issues that an air conditioner might run into without spring maintenance… “issues” that mean “hot and stuffy house” for you!

  • Leaking refrigerant: This is one of the worst problems an air conditioner can encounter, and it’s common among ACs older than five years. Losing refrigerant doesn’t just mean your air conditioner will struggle to keep you cool. It can also mean severe damage to the compressor, which is designed to handle a specific amount of refrigerant. A burned-out compressor often means you need to replace the whole air conditioner. Maintenance technicians will catch refrigerant leaks and have the problem solved before it threatens the AC system.
  • Burnt-out motors: Mechanical stress on motors can cause them to burn out over time. Maintenance lubricates and cleans the motors to see that there’s little chance of them failing over the summer.
  • Overflowing condensate pan: If the condensate drain clogs up, the condensate pan will overflow, which will trigger the air conditioner to stop working. During maintenance, technicians will clean out the condensate drain to prevent this from occurring.
  • Miscalibrated thermostats: If the thermostat is sensing incorrect temperatures, then your AC won’t work as it should. But recalibrating thermostats is another standard part of maintenance.

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