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3 Reasons to Add Zoning to Your HVAC System

The majority of home in the U.S. use an air conditioner and forced-air heater (such as a furnace) connected to a network of ducts in order to provide year-round comfort. If your home has this kind of HVAC set-up, then you should consider having a zone control system installed into it. This zoning consists of dampers placed into the ducts that divide up the house into different zone for when it comes to heating and cooling. The dampers each have individual local thermostats that control them, and they are all connected into a central panel. This allows people in the house to manipulate temperatures in rooms separate from each other.

3 Ways That Zoning Will Benefit You

  • Energy savings – Without a zone control system, central heating and cooling in a home is an all-or-nothing proposition. When you turn on the AC or the heater, you must expend energy to heat every room, even if it’s empty. Zone control allows you to only provide heating/cooling to the rooms that require it, and this can mean significant energy savings each season, especially for larger homes or homes that have guest rooms that are frequently vacant.
  • Personal comfort – If people in your household often bicker over setting the temperature, zoning allows everyone to have the comfort they need. Each person can set the temperature wherever they are to suit them using the local thermostat.
  • Temperatures to suit room purposes – All rooms do not have the same temperature requirements. A home gym will need cooler air, as will a kitchen, while an infant’s room or a draftier first floor bedroom will benefit from warmer temperatures. With zone control, you can provide each room with its ideal climate.

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